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If you become bored by playing the old similar maps of Mini Militia, and you are seeking for amazing new designed fields in this thrilling fighting game. Your search ends, because Mini Militia maps is a platform where all your playing needs can be fulfilled easily. By getting experience of different maps available, players can improve their fighting expertise and got perfection.

mini militia maps

Each map arranges particular tasks and confrontation, from narrow cottages to open grounds that will make you involved for hours.

You can choose any classic map such as outpost and high tower or the latest decorations e.g. cliff-hanger and catacombs. But it’s not all about, Mini Militia maps also encourages to select one’s favourite maps produced by fellow gamers. The maps produced by gamers creates endless possibilities and are frequently upgraded with new creations. Also Read: Mini Militia Mod Apk Unlimited Ammo And Nitro

Types of Mini Militia Maps:

Following are 15 types of Mini Militia maps. And their brief description is given below.

Mini Militia bottleneck map:

Bottleneck map as the name indicates, is a narrow passage map in which players can’t move freely. It is ideal for closed chambers fight and the players should accurately decide their movements. The map places many obstacles like boxes and barrels that gives the benefits of safety shields. The narrow gallery composition also enables players to entrap their opponents conveniently.

Mini Militia maps of bottleneck

Mini Militia Outpost Map:

Mini militia outpost maps

Outpost Map places a large, wide and open area with a militant theme. The map hallmarks a central tower that is helpful to make good strategy, along with a number of buildings and constructions which are useful for taking cover. The map’s open layout facilitates long distanced warfare. Also Read: Mini Militia All Versions

Mini Militia High Tower Map:

This map is located on a huge building with numerous levels. Players must go through slim corridors and wide spaces to attain the peak of tower. The map confers a helipad which gives the benefits of taking cover and may be used as sniping position. One of the big advantage of the tower is that it helps to defeat the opponents easily from upside.

Mini militia High Tower Maps

Mini Militia Subdivision Map:

Mini Militia Sub division Maps

Subdivision map is located in a densely populated area including a number of buildings and streets. players must pass through homes and streets to approach the enemies. The map also displays certain barriers including bars, vehicles and dumpsters which plays key role for taking cover. A number of buildings and constructions also give the benefits of cover to players and are helpful to crush their enemies. Also Read: Mini Militia Malayalam Their Version

Mini Militia No Escape Map:

The map is located in a lockup with narrow corridors and prison cells. The map hallmarks a prime courtyard for sake of sniping and a small room that provides an excellent position to aim at target. The slim corridors and narrow places of the jail is ideal for close chambers fight.

Mini Militia No Escape

Mini Militia lunarcy Map:

Mini Militia Lunarcy Map

Lunacy map features space environment, characterizes low gravity, makes easy to jump and enables players to move conveniently. The map presents different levels and platforms along with a main control room that gives the strong edge over opponents. The decreased gravity helps in making high jumps and make approach to unreachable areas.

Mini Militia Icebox Map:

Icebox Map with a cold season theme contains many buildings and constructions. The map presents different obstructions like snow banks and ice patches to disrupt the movement. Among many obstacles are snow banks and ice patches. Players can only trace their opponents after passing in the snow and ice. The players can also use the snow and ice in their own benefits by taking advantage of coldest environment around them. Also Read: Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod Apk

Mini Militia Icebox

Mini Militia Overseers Map:

Mini militia Overseer Map

Overseer map is located in a bunker below the earth surface and places a number of rooms and lobbies. A number of barriers like crates and barrels are displayed in this map, which may work as cover. To Approach the opponents, players must have to pass the bunker. The lot of rooms and corridors also serves as a supporting tool for players to crush their opponents.

Mini Militia So Long Map:

So Long Map is located in a big factory with various levels and platforms. The map hallmarks different barriers like conveyor belts and machinery which give the benefits of cover. Players must cross the factory to trace their enemies. The Lots of levels and floors facilitates to ambush on enemies from different angles.

Mini militia so long Map

Mini Militia Snow-blind Map:

Mini Militia Snow blind map

Snow-blind is the second one map characterizes with winter theme and contains a number of levels and terraces. The map displays different barriers like ice banks and snow patches to disrupt the movement. Players must cross the snow and ice to trace their enemies. Players must cross the snow and ice to trace their opponents. The map’s open texture is ideal for long distanced combat. Also Read: Mini Militia Speed Mod Apk

Mini Militia Pyramid Map:

Pyramid Map is located in a timeworn Egyptian tomb and associated with slim corridors and narrow places. The map characterizes with different barriers such as sarcophagi and pillars, that come in use of cover. Players must have to cross the tomb to trace their opponents. The narrow hallways and congested spaces are ideal for face to face combats.

Mini Militia Pyramid Map

Mini Militia Crossfire Map:

Mini Militia Crossfire map

Crossfire Map is located in a deserted warehouse along with a number of zones and platforms. The map indicates different barriers like crates and machinery, for taking cover. Players must transit through warehouse to approach their opponents. The several zones and floors of the warehouse confers access to ambush their enemies from various sides.

Mini Militia Cliff hanger Map:

Cliffhanger Map is located in a mountainous region with several zones and surfaces. The map traits different hindrances such as rocks and boulders which provide the advantages of cover. Players must drive through the mountains to trace their opponents. The map’s open structure is ideal for a combat spreading over long area.

Mini Militia Cliff hanger map

Mini Militia Suspension Map:

Mini Militia Suspension map

Suspension Map is situated on a bridge and is associated with slim corridors and tight places. The map is attributing different obstacles among which vehicles and construction equipment are giving the work of cover.  Players must have to pass the bridge to trace their opponents. The slim corridors and tight places of the bridge are ideal for close chambers combat.

Mini Militia Catacombs Map:

Catacombs map is located in a mysterious underground tomb and attributes slim corridors and tight places. The map confers different barriers like coffins and pillars, for taking cover. Players must drive through the tomb to approach their opponents. The narrow hallways and tight places of the tomb are ideal for face to face combat.

Each Mini Militia map specifies its own particular arrangement and geography. Each Mini Militia map has its own particular arrangement and geography, associated with various barriers and hindrances that give the work of cover and key positioning advantages. Some maps are ideal for close Chambers combat while others are well suitable for long area engagements.

Mini Militia Catacombs Map

Due to the different choices and variety of arrangements available, players have the opportunity to strengthen their skills by exploring different mediums and environments.

To abstract, Mini Militia maps consists of Bottleneck, Outpost, High Tower, Subdivision, No Escape, Lunacy, Icebox, Overseer, So Long, Snow-blind, Pyramid, Crossfire, Cliff-hanger, Suspension, and Catacombs. Each map characterizes particular barriers, architecture and arrangement elements which contributes for giving cover and key positions benefits.


To Conclude, Mini Militia maps are special for giving fun and enjoyment experience with unique confronts and rewards. The Maps play a vital role for giving a new taste of fun and excitement every time you interact. With their comprehensive graphics, dynamic colours and creative layouts, these maps make the game so real and priceless. These maps facilitate the expert and newcomer, everyone. So, why not get an experience with them?

Frequently Asked Question

Mini Militia maps are the different regions where the gameplay of Mini Militia runs. These maps constitute of different sizes and have various arrangements pattern which offer players with different threats and opportunities.

Recently, the six Mini Militia maps are actually available. These are Outpost, Catacombs, High Tower, Doodle Army 2, Crossfire, and Icebox.

The best Mini Militia map is one which is compatible to your play style. If you like action packed games, Doodle, Army 2 and Outpost are most suitable. If you demand a trickier game, then catacombs and crossfire are ideal. And if you like to play a strategic game, then High Tower and Icebox are the good one.

There are some important tips for winning on Mini Militia maps. These include cover usage, be alert of your back activity, use grenades properly, don’t stop moving, maintains height to your advantage and ensures teamwork.

Unluckily, there is no way to make your own Mini Militia map. However, you can suggest new map ideas to the game developers. But you can recommend new map designs to the game developers.

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