Mini Militia Chat Codes

Mini Militia is one of most interesting game which is downloaded by many players all over the world. The most attractive thing of this game is its intense combat style through which many players fight with each other in various interesting modes.

Mini Militia Chat Codes

Mini Militia is also known as doodle army 2. You know that it contains chat system through which players can easily interact or communicate with other players. Well, you know that in mini militia chat codes, you are able to send chat which act as a secret message in mini militia game. This is one of coolest features of this game which is liked my many players. Also Read: Mini Militia Mod Apk

What are the Mini Militia Chat Codes?

Well, these are some symbols or a series of various letters. Basically, through these chat Codes, you are able to communicate with other players in a fun full way. Plus, you can easily share important information during the intense battles.

Now, you wanted to know that how you can use mini militia chat codes. So, don’t worry, we are going to tell you each and everything about chat codes and which type of chat codes are present in the mini militia game are also listed below. So, let’s discuss.

How to Use Mini Militia Chat Codes?

You can easily use chat Codes while playing mini militia game. This is one of the best method to communicate with each other in a secret way. Follow such steps in order to use chat Codes. Such steps are:

Mini Militia Chat Codes
  • Open the game and go to the left lower corner where chat icon is available.
  • Click on the chat icon and through this chat you can communicate with team mates.
  • Enter code and press send button.
  • Boom! Your secret message will appear on the screen of chat box. Also Read Mini Militia Pro Pack

Now, you wanted to know what type of chat codes are present in the mini militia. Well, there are some chat codes present in the form of letters or symbol. Such symbols and letters are listed below:

List of Mini Militia Chat Codes:

Mini Militia Chat CodesUse of Chat Codes
GGWPGood Game and Well Played
LOLLaugh Out Loud
BRBBe Right Back
NPNo Problem
CUL8RSee You Later
ROFLRolling On the Floor Laughing
IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
TBHTo Be Honest
TYSMThank You So Much
WTHWhat the Hell
OMGOh My God
BFFBest Friends Forever
IDKI Don’t Know
N1Nice One
AFKAway From Keyboard
GLHFGood Luck and Have Fun
JKJust Kidding
G2GGood to Go

Features of Mini Militia

Mini Militia have many features but available in the original game, all the features are limited. So, if you want to play this game with unlimited features, then you have to download Mini Militia modified version which gives you best gaming experience. Also Read: Mini Militia Wall Hack Mod Apk

In the modified version, you will get invisible mode, unlimited health, unlocked Weapons, unlimited ammo and Nitro, unlimited jetpack fuel etc. All such features enhance your whole gaming experience. Plus, this mini militia chat codes feature gives you real life feel of warrior.

Mini Militia chat codes

This chat code features are available on the original game and modified version as well. This chat feature enhances your gaming experience. You can send secret messages to your team mates and other players while playing game. Also Read: Mini Militia Malayalam Their Version


Mini Militia Chat Codes are fun full way to communicate with various other players. Through this way, you will communicate through secret message with other players which gives you feel like a pro warrior. Use these codes which enhances your whole gaming experience. I hope this article helps you a lot that how to you use chat Codes and what chat codes are. These mini militia chat codes are best and fun full way to communicate with various players all over the world. By using these chat Codes, you will congratulate, send important information and send message on player’s good game.

Frequently Asked Question

Well, you can easily send chat codes. First of all, go to the left corner of your mobile screen and press the chat icon. After that, enter the mini militia chat codes and click on the send button. Boom! Simply your secret message appeared on your mobile screen in chat box.

Yes, there are a lot of mini militia chat codes through which you can easily communicate with various other players. You can use some codes just for some modes or in some situation. For more codes you can search mini militia chat codes on Internet. Plus, you can use different symbols or letters in order to create new chat codes.

No, chat codes are a fun full way to communicate with many other players. It did not give you any advantages in the game. All chat codes are not used for hacks and for the purpose to cheat.

Absolutely Not, you can use chat Codes only in multiplayer mode because through this way, you are able to communicate with other good players.

Yes, you are able to create your own chat codes. By combining symbols and letters you can create unique chat codes. But you know that all codes work well but few may work well by various other players.

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